Radio Drive
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New single by Radio Drive “A Taste of Heaven”
Radio Drive Discography
     This is Our Time (2012)                                  I Can See The Word From Here (2011)                                        Life Today (2010)                                                Dream The Impossible (2009) “Never” from the CD “This is Our TIme” was nominated Best Alternative Song of 2012 by the Hollywood Music Awards. “This is Our Time” CD makes the New Jersey Stage top 70 Albums of 2012 list. Also, “Rising” from this CD makes the top playlist for 2012 on Penguin Radio. “Footsteps” came in at #64 on NBT Music Radio Top 180 songs of 2014.
The music of Radio Drive is available at iTunes, Amazon and online stores around the world. Download your copy today.
“A Taste of Heaven” released in February 2014 along with a remix of “Footsteps”, “Borders” and “Who You Are” have been played on radio stations around the world alongside major artists and have received rave reviews.