Radio Drive New single by Radio Drive “ A Taste of Heaven”, Released in Feb 2014 and has already received a nomination for Best Alternative Song for 2014 by the Hollywood Music Awards.  Available online at iTunes, Amazon and other online stores. Radio Drive Discography Click here to download a PDF One Sheet for “A Taste of Heaven”      This is Our Time (2012)                                 I Can See The Word From Here (2011)                                        Life Today (2010)                                                Dream The Impossible (2009) “This is Our Time” made the New Jersey Stage top Albums of 2012.  READ WHAT THE CRITICS ARE SAYING ABOUT “THIS IS OUR TIME”: “This Is Our Time is one of the best albums we have reviewed this year”  NeuFutur Magazine, April 2012 “This Is Our Time is another masterpiece for the amazing Kevin Gullickson. Radio Drive is truly going places.....This is an artist you will want to watch”.  Muzik Reviews, March 2012 “Thank you Radio Drive for opening my eyes & ears as this record really hit a chord with me and I’m sure it will with others as well”.  Skope Entertainment, April 2012 “This is Our Time is certainly an album which has a lot to offer. There is variety and some damn good pop music”.  Music Emission, April 2012 "...eleven excellently catchy tunes...for guaranteed satisfaction from this talented one-man music machine."   MetalliVille, UK Webzine - June 2012 “... the songs are well written and greatly performed.”  Uber Rock, UK - July 2012  "Music fans have to find out about  this wonderful CD."    Foley Entertainment, June 2012 "If you like your melodic rock well- crafted and well performed with a positive, inoffensive, message, than Radio Drive's This Is Our Time is perfect for you”  DangerDog Muisc Reviews, Aug 2012 “This is Our Time is an eleven track strong collection of well structured and infectious rock n roll brought with accomplished skill and vibrant ideas”.  Ringmaster Review, UK, Oct 2012 The music of Radio Drive is available at iTunes, Amazon and online stores around the world.
To download your copy of “A Taste of Heaven” and other Radio Drive songs click the above link to iTunes, Amazon or go to your favorite online store.