Radio Drive Featuring Kevin Gullickson
Radio Drive | 
“A Taste of Heaven” has been nominated Best Alternative Song for 2014 by the Hollywood Music Awards. c2014 2EDGE Music
"...some of the best music I've heard".  Rachel Slionski, Music Director, TSR 24/7 Radio NYC, Feb 2014 “...good music and REAL LIFE HONESTY is what Radio Drive delivers”. Jimmy Rae, Skope Entertainment, April 2012 “...a brilliant independent artist” NBT Radio, Berlin, Germany, July 2011 “You are clearly talented and know how to write commercial songs! Keep up the great work!” Music Critic, Leslie Bialik, Real Rocker Girl, June 2011 “Radio Drive’s “A Taste Of Heaven” is a joyous anthem that exudes a blaze of glorious melodic sunshine, with a chorus so catchy you’ll be singing it in the shower. Lead vocalist Kevin Gullickson delivers the goods with feel-good pluck, while kaleidoscopic ” Chuck Taylor Entertainment journalist Chuck Taylor formerly writer, editor and critic for Billboard magazine